Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Just had a quick moment in which I thought I could share two thoughts from our launch on Sunday.

First, I believe God was glorified by His Saints Sunday. All of the comments I have received have been very positive. Praise God that people did not leave talking about "Bethany" but instead were meditating on God and His work in their lives.

Second, Sunday was a testimony to what happens when God's people all commit wholeheartedly to the ministries to which He has called them.

Exciting times! Many questions remain unanswered, such as: Will people respond to the gospel message? Will new people come back? How will we shepherd everyone if they do? How do we build a sense of community? When will we have another Sunday brunch and will there be enough donuts?

May God alone be glorified in the exciting days ahead!


mjdav said...

We're not new, but we'll come back, does that count? We were lovin' those little people in the nursery. To God be the Glory!

John and Sarah said...

I think at your next brunch you should only serve pretzel jello salad. I'm sure you could even use it as an object lesson- thorns, blood, and white as snow?

Grammy said...

Dear Grandson,
What a wonderful testimony to God's power and moving in your community! Your Gramps and I just now read your recent posting. He is sitting here beside me in his wheelchair in the Mercy Rehab hospital. We praise God that your Grandpa is doing so well. We have hopes that we will be leaving here very soon. We love you all.

Em said...

More specifically, will there be enough chocolate covered donuts? Those are always the first to go.

Seth said...

So glad to hear things went well, Daniel. I've heard good things from my brother and others! God bless you as you, brother, as you continue on!