Thursday, September 18, 2008

Large Hadron Collider

Here are a few videos on the super-duper collider near Geneva. The basic aim of the experiment is to try to create mass from energy. Though I obviously disagree with some of the premises of many of the scientists working on this project, I am excited about this research. Experimental physics seems like a fascinating field to me.

I wonder... will we learn a little more about what happened when God spoke the universe into existence ? Will we learn something about how He continues to hold the universe together?

The first is a 3-minute overview of the LHC.

The second is a very geeky rap song about LHC.

The third video obviously has a very different take on the LHC. It has some cool graphics when the black hole starts to consume our solar system. Note that they don't cite a lot of published scientific material to back up the whole black hole theory. In fact, it was interesting that they decided that the LHC would produce a black hole instead of stranglets, a particle which could be produced and turn the world into a dead lump. I would have liked to see the graphics on that!


Em said...

The rap video is almost as silly as the big bang theory. Almost.

Grammy said...

Cool! Loved the baby playing the piano..Enjoyed the scientific description of matter, protons, electorns, etc. But no one will ever convince me that earth is the product of a Big Bang. I hadn't heard of the LHC (at least, I don't think I had. Goofy rap song, but it was almost as informative as the first video. Great selection of videos to go together.
Love you,

Frank said...

Hey Pastor Daniel, It's Frank H. I would love to hear your thoughts on the prosperity gospel. I have a friend who is a subscriber to health and wealth, and it bothers me deeply.


Daniel said...

Frank, check out Piper's thoughts on the following blog...