Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WHOI Ratings Shoot Through Roof While Airing Bennett Interview

Well, at least we were watching. It was kinda funny. The story ended up being about Whitney's blog! I had just mentioned the blog in an off-handed way, accidentally exagerating the number of hits on her blog even, but that became the focal point of the interview and story. We really weren't expecting that. I clarified later in the interview that it wasn't always "hundreds of hits a day", but that didn't make it on air. I had just been thinking of the hits she had the last several days with our latest announcement.

We'll try to post the video of the story of link to it soon.


mjdav said...

Two others were watching also!

Teresa said...

I especially liked when Noah threw the football over the couch! : )

Leslie said...

We enjoyed watching you guys on the news last night! Matt got a kick out of Noah and the football too! Got to love our kids! They always seem to do things to make us smile! Anyways, the whole clip was pretty neat. We expect Whitney's blog to get hit even more with them advertising it! :)

Grammy said...

I have looked in the WHOL website and couldn't find a link to the interview. Could you tell me the exact name of it, and maybe I could find it. Or maybe you know how to find a link to it.
Love you all,