Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're Out of PGN!

We're out of the final court in Guatemala! Our attorney will be getting her birthcertificate then we will set an appointment with the US embassy. We should be picking her up mid-January!

I'm sure Whitney will have some thoughts. I just wanted to beat her to the post, which I did by maybe 30 seconds.


Mom B said...

Praise God!!!!
A big Texas YAHOO!!!
Oh...and although you beat Whitney by 30 seconds, you can't beat her music!
Love you!

Whitney said...

I love you! Wouldn't want to go through this with anyone but you!

John and Sarah said...
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John and Sarah said...

P.S. She is passing you in laps with comments... in case you didn't notice:)

Leslie said...

We are so thrilled for all of you, especially little Ellie. What a wonderful family she will be joining! We are very anxious to meet her and love on her! Praise God for her little life and answered prayer! Congrats! Love, The Schellenberg's

mjdav said...

Congratulations on another beautiful daughter coming home very soon! Praising God with your family :)

Grammy said...

Wonderful! I just now read your news. We have been so busy with your Aunt Margaret in the hospital, I have just been too tired to check you site. We are just thrilled beyond belief that you are out of PGN! Can't wait to see our little Ellie and hold her.
A big Tennessee WHOOPEE!
Grammy and Gramps

John and Sarah said...

John thinks our post is too harsh. Guess who wrote it? We're trying to remove it but can't figure out how to?? We don't want your readers and lurkers to take our sarcasm for scarcasm. Anyway...We can't wait to meet the fourth possible sibling for our children!

jana said...

To be fair, I wanted to leave you a comment too! We are so excited for you guys! I'll forgive that you didn't tell me when I saw you Saturday. Well, I'll try to anyway... Praying for PINK!