Saturday, December 29, 2007

HOI News' Top Story of 2007

Here's the story from HOI news. Sorry it took me so long to get it downloaded.

Again, two things strike us as funny: 1) That the whole story turned out to be about Whitney's blog and 2) that a comment I later corrected ("hundreds of hits") serves as the statistical justification for the story. Still, since the end of November through the end of December she is getting between one and two hundred hits a day during the week. And, just in case you were wondering, I don't think I've ever cracked one hundred.


Grammy said...

Dear Grandson and Granddaughter and family,
What a really neat video! Didn't see Noah toss the football, though.
Thanks for posting it! So happy for all of you! Love to you all,
Grammy and Gramps

Grammy said...

Woops, went back to watch it again, and saw the ball toss between you and Whitney!

Cheryl said...

that football toss is awesome!!!

mjdav said...

Would you like me to stay up late some night and make sure you receive at least a 100 hits?

jana said...

We thought it was great! If people read the blog after watching, they will be blessed and drawn to the Lord. Whitney's comments have shown your trust in God's will for your lives and Ellie's life as well. All praise has been given to Him the entire time. It shows true godly character and testifies of our sovereign and wonderful God. I'm excited to think that people will read your testimony! Praying for you guys and sweet Ellie!

Jackson said...

ha my blog count has been crazy today since Whitney linked to me in her post today!

Jeff Pope said...

Hi Daniel,
I love your blog. It is great to see a cool "DAD'S BLOG". Great news about Ellie coming home soon. My wife and I are waiting on 2 from EN. I remember seeing Ellie and probably have some pictures/video of her. I look forward to hearing more. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with others. Here is my/our site and blog to read about our journey. Take to you again soon.