Thursday, October 11, 2007


I called my senators again and spoke with their staff. The people I spoke with were much more pleasant today. I think they must be realizing this is important to a lot of people. Durbin's office said that he hadn't made a decision on signing the coalition's letter but that they "think" he sent a letter himself to Guatemala's president urging him to grandfather in families who are in process of adopting. Obama's office said he still hadn't made a decision, but that they had been receiving lots of calls. They also claimed that he would post a statement on his website eventually: Personally, with Hillary dominating the polls like she is, I think his time would be better spent working on the Guatemala thing than the presidential thing.

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jana said...

When I spoke with Durbin's office today I had quite a long conversation with someone there who assured me that Durbin was in complete support and had sent the letter. Praying that is the case... Had to leave my long message with Obama's office (I think his phones were all tied up with all of us calling, but I did give them the number of where they could aquire the letter to send to Guat). :) Please continue to give us updates regarding this situation!