Monday, October 15, 2007

Guatemala Adoptions Update

The phone calls have been effective...but there seems to be a long way to go still. Here's the most recent update from JCIS:

Since Joint Council's call to action on September 27th, thousands of adoptive parents along with Joint Council Member Organizations, our colleagues at the National Council for Adoption, Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Adoptive Families magazine and the public at large have lent their support to the Guatemala 5000 initiative. We are pleased to provide you with the attached summary update including our most recent direct communications with the Office of Guatemalan President Oscar Berger. On behalf of the children we serve, our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to the collective effort.

Please know that Joint Council will continue to update you on our ongoing efforts and all pertinent developments. As events unfold, we may be calling upon the entire community for support and action. Lastly, please know that Joint Council will continue the Guatemala 5000 initiative until all children referred with adoptive parents have joined their forever family.
There is a more detailed update here:

It sounds like President Berger is still the real hold up. Pray for a softening of his heart or for the congress to go against him. There may be a new president by the time the amendment is voted on, and I have no idea how that affects things?!?!

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