Monday, October 18, 2010

Vote on November 2

I believe that for the Christian, voting is not only a right and a privilege, but a sacred responsibility. God has sovereignly placed you in a unique position of authority. You have the ability to help determine who our leaders will be. You have the ability to affect who will lead you, your family, your children and your brothers and sisters in Christ. When you fail to exercise your right to vote, you are perhaps even more culpable for the type of leaders who are voted in.

Therefore, I encourage you to vote on November 2 and, to assist you in that endeavor, here are a few tools to help you make an informed decision.

First, I like to know who is going to be on the ballot before I step in the booth. Here is an excellent site that allows you to see exactly what your ballot will look like: This helps me focus my research and not get bogged down with races that do not affect me.

Second, voting guides can be helpful. The Illinois Family Institute’s voting guide can be found here: (if Aaron Schock is your congressman, you are in Congressional District 18).

Finally, viewing endorsements of other groups can help you find out more about candidates. If it is important to you to find pro-life candidates, The Illinois Federation for Right to Life endorsements can be found here: If you like to read about candidates understanding of local issues, the Peoria-Journal Star’s endorsements can also be helpful: (these endorsements are provided for your research and should not be read as my own personal endorsement for any candidate).

May God bless you as you seek to glorify Him in the voting booth this next month!

By His Grace,

Pastor Daniel

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