Monday, May 19, 2008

One step closer...

As hard as it is to believe, our church plant took one more step toward becoming a reality as we met for the first time as a group this morning. Only 15 weeks until we plant the church! I'll have more details soon.

The new church website is almost up and going. There are just some things I need to get to our web guys so they can put the finishing touches on the site. Shouldn't be long now! Once I get that going, I'll pay attention to my own blog again...probably.


Ashley said...

Congratulations! That is very exciting.

P.S. you know you are very good friends with people when you recognize them by the backs of their heads!

KevinG said...

Ashley, are you making fun of someone's bald spot? Because I have one of those too ya know.

It was exciting Daniel. But, take away the huge spread of food, and then I'll be really impressed with your attendance. :-)

Mom B said...

What a great group! Your Dad has taught in churches MUCH smaller than that. I remember one someplace...I don't remember if Dad was singing or teaching, but our group outnumbered the congregation!

Praying we can be there for September 7th!! Wish we could be part of the plant!

Grammy said...

Dear Grandson,
What wonderful news! I read your latest posting with great gladness and joy for you all. I know how excited you all must be and how pleased the Lord must be with your struggles and trials in this new endeavor. We are there in spirit with you all. We love you,
Grammy and Gramps (aka Grandma and Grandpa)

akright4 said...

Soli Deo Gloria