Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Life's Little Dissappointments

Many of you have asked a question that is almost too painful for me to discuss. You keep asking what was in the envelope. I'm finally ready to write about it. Please don't ask me in's too...distressing.

You have to understand, I was under strict orders from Whitney that I was not to say ANYTHING to custom agents, people with immigration, and certainly not any TSA officials. For some strange reason, she thought I might say something trying to be funny that would get us in trouble. I was to silently hand over papers and sit quietly when told to.

But when we were ushered into a separate area of the airport and gave up the envelope, I couldn't help myself. I started to sit down where I was told, but I heard a ripping sound and realized the guy was opening the envelop! I jumped up and ran over to the area where he was working. I tried peeking over the barrier and asked if I could come over to where the agent was and look inside. The guy told me no. I'm not kidding! I was just joking on the blog about it being a big secret, but he really wouldn't let me look. I asked if I would eventually get to find out what was in the envelope. Again, I was told no. I guess it goes to prove 1) power corrupts and 2) the smaller the amount of power you wield, the more likely you are to wield it tyranically.

Bottom line: I have no idea what was in the envelope. ~Sniff~


Whitney said...

My hubby is too distraught over the loss of the knowledge of the envelope to make Wal-mart runs! (But it hasn't kept him from doing diapers or dishes!)

Love you, too!

Mom B said...

And....Whitney was laughing uncontrollably behind Ellie's blanket??? I would have been!

jana said...

Bummer! :)

Grammy said...

I'm with you! It would have been just too much for me (or your Gramps) to just silently hand over the envelope without knowing what was in it...Every once in awhile, when he is really curious about something, I say, "Meow", as in "Curiosity killed the cat". I guess I would have just said, "too bad, I just gotta look." Now, we'll never know, will we? Would they have known if it had been opened? I guess so. So, you really did the right thing. Love you,

BHG & Co. said...

Aw MAN!!

I was SO wanting to find out what was in the envelope. And to think that guy wouldn't even give you at least a tiny thumbnail view. Some people!

I am distraught right there with ya!

Kristi said...

Ok - time to burst the bubble! Dan, we met you in the airport in GC. I know this from our first adoption. It's not very exciting really. Just mostly original documents from GC to the US. You can actually request those docs back from the US government. We have Luke's. :-) Much love - Bamagirl!!

HelloKitty said...

LOL .. If it wasn't you I would consider this weird, but since it's you I know not knowing drove you crazy! You're a fuuny one Mr. D-Man!