Friday, February 15, 2008


When I came home yesterday, my two-year old had just done something semi-mean to his new little sister. Here's how the first few seconds of my evening at home went:

Me: Hey, you need to ask your sister to forgive you.

Two-year old: Will you forgive you?

Me: No, you need to ask her, "Will you forgive me?"

Two-year old: Will you forgive daddy?

Me: No, you need to say, "Will..."

Two-year old: Will

Me: ""

Two-year old: You

Me: "...forgive..."

Two-year old: Forgive

Me: ""

Two-year old: You.

Me: No, will you forgive ME?

Two-year old: Yes, I forgive you, daddy. (Runs up and gives me hug) It's OK.


Monica said...

Sounds like you might have a future lawyer on your hands! I can say this due to my personal experience of being married to one! Good Luck. Monica

Mom B said...

Sounds like you have Andrew on your hands, too! Remember the "You forgive me!"

Matthew said...

ha ha, I was thinking the same thing mom mentioned. Except I thought you were the one who started that....

Ty...Super Sweet Ty! said...

A man after my own heart! I will totaly be using that on my grams the next time i do something wrong! :) Maybe it would've helped if i hadn't already let her read it! lol .. Noah is soo cute & clever!

Jeff Pope said...

LOL....that is hilarious.
love your blog, and by the way you are tagged for a meme...sorry dude, just passing along the love.

Anonymous said...

i had a similar experience with little Caleb and the little ones I babysat a couple of years ago. needless to say i finished the situation extremely frustrated...but with a smile :)))

Grammy said...

Oh ho ho! Sounds like you have a handful there...and Noah sounds like he has the Abbott and Costello routine, "Who's on first?" down pat. Too funny!
A lot going on at your house.
Love you all,

Andrew said...

great relationship advice from a 2 year old. i think im going to try to use that on Ashley.