Monday, July 2, 2007

The Lord's Gracious Provision for Ellie

It is sometimes tempting to think that we need to get Ellie home so that we can "take care of her." But we must constantly remind ourselves that God was sovereign over choosing Ellie to be a part of our family and it is He who is caring for her now and it is He who will be the one who cares for her in the future.

There was an exciting reminder of God's provision for Ellie this past week when a friend from church called. She told me that she had just discovered that a family friend was working at the children's home where Ellie was at. I emailed her friend and received the following email and picture from her:


What a small world! I have met Ellie. But now its good to put a face with a name. I know the older kids' names because they can tell me but I don't want to bug the mamacitas by asking them who is who all the time. I will make a special effort to spend some time with her. A group from North Carolina has been here this past week and today they cleaned the whole orphanage from top to bottom. So all the babies were moved to another facility...quite an undertaking. I've attached a picture of their temporary housing! :) They are back now as I can hear them right above me. It's awesome you guys are going to parents to one of these "preciosos" I've only been here since Monday night and have had quite an experience. Monday was tough...but I've gotten control over my emotions! :) I'm glad to spend some time here for sure. I'll try to send you a new pic of Ellie soon as well. Blessings! And if there is anything you want to know before your trip...let me know!


The next day she sent me this wonderful email:

Hey Daniel -

I wanted to get this off to you quick as I thought you might appreciate it. This morning I went up and found Ellie the first thing. She was crawling around this morning. I held her for awhile and prayed over her. For protection and health as she is here and for the blessing of being adopted into your family. Then I held her as I read to a couple of the older kids. The book was one of the those feeling books that has different textures on different pages and she was super interested in touching each of the pages. When I picked her up and held her in the air she would get a big smile on her face. She is precious indeed! Just thought you might want to know! See the pic of her and me this morning actually taken by of the older girls here at Nido.



It is hard to describe how excited I was when I received this email. I was overwhelmed at how Ellie was being cared for even when I am powerless to provide for her. It was a great reminder than even when we bring her home, it is ultimately God who provides for her and my other children and not me.
Be sure to check out for Whitney's perspective on this.....


Mom B said...

Have I told you how grateful I am for God's work in your lives? For how wonderful it is to have believing children who are living out Deuteronomy 6? Love you guys!

Grammy said...

Dear Daniel,
It brings tears to my eyes when I read the messages going back and forth between you guys and the ones who are giving care to the children at the orphanage. Oh, that we were young enough to do what you all are doing. We thank God for you all daily and for the example you present to others.