Monday, July 2, 2007

Another Update from Our Friend!

We got another update from our new friend at Eagle's Nest:

"I thought I'd give you the latest on Ellie over the past few days. It has become my morning ritual to seek her out in the morning. I have to tell you she is in the "high rent district" of the orphanage because her crib is next to a window and the view from this place is gorgeous! I'm sure you will enjoy it when you arrive. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with some people who have been coming up to the orphanage to volunteer three days a week. One of the girls asked if I knew which one Vanessa was. I said yes...and I actually know who her adoptive parents are. She was so excited that she was spoken for because Vanessa (Ellie) is her favorite here at Eagle's Nest. She also said that she will start to call her Ellie so that she can get used to it. She definitely responds to Vanessa or Vane (pronounced Bah-nay) as many of the mamas call her. It's also cool when I hold her and the older kids (los mayores) come up to me and hold Ellie's hand and say "Hola Vanessa!" She is definitely well liked.

"The last few days I've played pattycake with her and that brings out a huge smile and I noticed yesterday two little dimples that are precious. I tried to capture them in a picture but it kind of turned out fuzzy. She really likes the "roll it" part of the song and she'll start laughing. She loves to just sit on your lap and look at you and look around at the other kids playing. The other thing I noticed today were her amazing eyelashes. I tried to capture those in a picture too as she was looking down. They are the longest I've ever seen! I hope you enjoy these little glimpses of Ellie. I'm glad that you don't have to wait that much longer to see her! "

Below is the picture Ashley is referring to regarding Ellie's eyelashes. Austin has incredibly long eyelashes. But when we saw this picture, I looked over at him and said, "Sorry, no longer have the longest eyelashes in the family."

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