Monday, November 1, 2010

Adding my two cents...

After reading Ritch's article, several of you have sent me emails asking for my perspective on the race for U.S. Sentate (the State Comptroller race is a similar situation).  "Be more specific!" you say.
Let me first say that godly men and women disagree on how to apply pro-life principles.  Some believe they are promoting pro-life principles by voting for the best of two terrible candidates so that stronger pro-life candidates can be put in stronger positions.

But I personally have come to a different conclusion.  Here are the reasons I will not be voting for Mark Kirk tomorrow (nor Judy Barr Topinka).

1. A candidate’s position on life is a litmus test.  If they will not support the right every citizen has to life, they are not qualified for elective office.  End of story for me.

2. Kirk is a terrible congressman and I believe he will be a worse senator.

3. I’m not a Republican. Having the Republicans gain control of the Senate doesn't drive me.  Kirk will be a thorn in the side of the people I want to be successful.

4. I don’t want his potential work in the senate on my conscience. He will certainly cast terrible votes as a senator and I don’t want those on my conscience.

5. I don’t want the Republican party in Illinois believing they can nominate corrupt, pro-choice candidates and count on my vote.

Those are my thoughts, not the convictions of the church or even all the leaders in the church.  May God grant each of us the wisdom and courage to vote our conscience tomorrow.


Kris said...

Thank you Daniel.

thatmom said...

Pastor Dan,

I have considered myself to be a pro-life voter for over 3 decades and, in the past, have voted for those who were not 100% pro-life as a lesser of two evils. But in more recent years, I have come to believe your position is absolutely correct and will also not be voting for Kirk or Topinka tomorrow. If they can't get the pro-life issue correct, they have already lost the public debate on any other issues. Thank you for stating this so well and with so much grace.

Karen Campbell