Wednesday, March 4, 2009

If you can't make fun of yourself...

I have mixed emotions about homeschooling. Currently, we homeschool and I'm glad we do. But I think some people homeschool for the wrong reasons (e.g., fear). I might have more to post on this later.


Paul and DeeDee said...

wow that is really funny....totally what I think of you guys:) jk. We are volunteering at the Summit so we will definitely see you guys there! I am not sure what our job is yet but I already asked to see your breakout session.

Mom B said...

I loved the video! It also highlighted the ongoing battle of "What schooling style does God endorse?"

You know our family has done public school, private school, and home school, each according to the need of the year and the Lord's leading for each child. I even missed the boat a few times when Andrew begged to be home schooled. I let he and Matt be subjected to a couple of really evil teachers. Overall, though, I think that public school was a forum for you kids to learn to hold fast to your witness, to be a light in some of that darkness. I cringed when one friend at church said, "My kids are NOT missionaries [to the unsaved neighbors]!"

You're well aware of the battles our church has faced with the "I'm right and you're wrong" battle. Emily was not allowed to play with some of the girls in her age group because we did not homeschool, UNTIL the yeat we homeschooled her in 6th grade. All of a sudden, she was acceptable! How much more right it would have been to have judged her on her heart and behavior! (Which was unimpeachable!)

I applaud home schoolers...I would probably embrace it more now that I am older (and less in the middle of raising 4 very unique children!). I think Whitney is doing a great job with teaching the kids. I got to teach Emily to read, and it was wonderful! HOmeschooling can be really fun.

I would also caution both sides of the fence to remember it's just a form of isn't supposed to be a battle ground.

The heart is evil and in need of salvation regardless of how it is educated! You will do well to tackle this topic early on in your church's history!:-) of my soap boxes.
Love, MOM

Grammy said...

Dear Grandchildren,
I got no dog in this discussion (not fight) except to say that any type of education has its flaws, and also good points. I have always been pleased with how your mothers raised both you and your siblings. The video is really funny and I was expecting to see your children on it, (a Bennett Family video) and anticipate the next one that you all will do. I find it interesting that your grandparents (Linda,Gramps, and I) were in the public school educations system, so it shows an early interest in a good education.
Love to you all. Grammy (aka Grandma)