Thursday, August 7, 2008

A citation question...

O.K. Turabian lovers out there. How would you cite the following resource as a footnote or bibliography:

It comes from the website The document you see is a PDF the website produced.

Big prize for any reader who knows Turabian citation well enough to figure out how to cite this report.


Grammy said...

Dear Grandson,
I learn so much when I read your blog, because it takes me places I have never been before. I did some research to find out what the Terabian method is. Here is what I found out. Terabian was a dissertation secretary at the University of Chicago in the 1930's, 40's and 50's and died in the 80's at the age of 94. She was much revered and feared. Her 6th manual of reference has just recently been published. I also learned that you have to go to the original accessing of the document in order to decide which way it should be referenced: either as a footnote or bibliography. I would say this one maybe should be a bibliography. Thanks for the education I am receiving. Love you,

Cheryl said...

Use APA man, much easier-and I have a program to format it!!! :)

Grammy said...

OOPS. Spelled her name wrong, didn't I? I knew I was, but didn't want to do the back and forth thingy (just too lazy).

Mom B said...

Federal Election Commission. "Receipts
of 1996 Presidential Pre-
Nomination Campaigns."
Available from http://www.fec.
gov.pres96/pres1b.jpg. Internet;
accessed 13 May 1996.

That's the example I found for online documents in Turabian, will that help? Can you just plug in the right information?

John and Sarah said...

I'm with Cheryl- APA is much easier. Is your choice of going out of the mainline for citation along the same lines as choosing a different version/translation of the Holy book? You are so rebellious. Such a pot-stirrer.

T. Gerig said...

Here is the example from my Moody Style sheet that uses Turabian. Don't know if this helps.

Conrad, Carl W. n.d. A brief commentary on the Gospel of Mark. Available from Accessed 5 October 2005.

(Conrad n.d., “Controversy Sequence: 2:1-3:6”)

Note: When a website or electronic book does not have page numbers, include a short descriptor (3 words or less) in quotes in order to help the reader locate the reference.

Teresa said...

Turabian brings back bad, bad memories of seminary! If I was going to get docked points from a paper it would be for formatting. I just gave up figuring it all out!