Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And Another Thing...

First, here is an excellent article on the Desiring God website by John Ensor on a "third wave" for the pro-life movement: "Pray for the Third Wave."

By way of contrast, here is pro-choice article entitled: "Abortion's Battle of Messages." that I think reveals we in the pro-life have the only morally defensible position. Furthermore, I think it shows that we are winning the battle in some significant ways. The authors acknowledge several crucial's just a sample:

"Science facilitated the swing of the pendulum. Three-dimensional ultrasound
images of babies in utero began to grace the family fridge. Fetuses underwent
surgery. More premature babies survived and were healthier. They commanded our
attention, and the question of what we owe them, if anything, could not be
dismissed. "

"These trends gave antiabortionists an advantage, and they made the
best of it. Now, we rarely hear them talk about murdering babies. Instead, they
present a sophisticated philosophical and political challenge. Caring societies,
they say, seek to expand inclusion into 'the human community.' Those once
excluded, such as women and minorities, are now equal. Why not welcome the fetus
(who, after all, is us) into our community?"

The article seems like basically a confessional. Then you come to the last few paragraphs, which are rather peculiar.

"Those who are pro-choice have not convinced America that we support a public discussion of the moral dimensions of abortion.....

"And when the choice movement seems to defend every individual abortion decision, rather than the right to make the decision, it too becomes suspect.If pro-choice values are to regain the moral high ground, genuine discussion about these challenges needs to take place within the movement. It is inadequate to try to message our way out of this problem. Our vigorous defense of the right to choose needs to be accompanied by greater openness regarding the real conflict between life and choice, between rights and responsibility. It is time for a serious reassessment of how to think about abortion in a world that is radically changed from 1973. "

Notice this: the authors offer no attempt to even begin the moral discussion they say they want to engage in. Why not even begin making the vigorous defense?

And here is the aforementioned video from Sunday that tries to give people a vision for how they might be involved in the orphan ministry.

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