Wednesday, September 19, 2007

News:UF Student Tasered At John Kerry Speech

Three thoughts:

1. It's amazing how this is presented as a student being tasered for "asking a question."

2. It's a great example of how if you yell loudly enough you can make people believe anything. As he is pushing cops, he's yelling, "I'm not doing anything!" I like how after he pushes the security guy, he will throw his arms up in the air like he did nothing wrong.

3. The actual event lasted several minutes. This would have gone down much differently if I had been in charge of security:

Student: I'd like to ask a follow up quest...ahhhhh....why are you tasering me...ahhhhh...why are you tasering me again...ahhh...why are you laughing as you are tasering me {etc., etc., until he was no longer conscious and we could carry him out peacably.}

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