Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

This video explains part of the experiment I referenced in a previous post. I purchased "Cosmic Jackpot" and am currently reading it. Two words: "Wow!" (It's a quantum physics joke).


Anonymous said...

I really want to watch that again!

Whitney said...
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Anonymous said...

I also really want to watch it again!


Grammy said...

Fascinating! One never gets too old to learn something new! It helps to explain the "Quantum Leap" series on TV that I used to watch and love.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I was never really good at any of this stuff...(read: it didn't really interest me that much :) Now I am more confused than when I started but maybe have grasped a couple new pieces of information. Was this video fact?? Great, I'll probably be thinking about or better yet, dreaming about it because my mind is now wondering about the observation of something or other. Have a good one!