Thursday, June 21, 2007

Disturbing Trends in Marital Blog War

As you may recall.... In response to my rather fascinating series on the Gummi Bears, Whitney felt compelled to begin her own blog. At that time, a fierce competition began. We were each dedicated to total web domination--at whatever cost.

Sure, I was never even close in the "comments" war, but the other numbers the blog tracks weren't ridiculously less than Whitney's. From the beginning of May to yesterday....

* Whitney had 7% more visits (total times people came to the site)
* She had 2% more pageviews (pages clicked on).
* I had 10% more pages viewed per visit.
* People spent on average 7% more time on her site.
* I had 6% more unique visitors (so, if a person views a website 16 times in a period of time, this counter only counts them once).

But, if you don't look at the aggregate numbers and only the figures from the past thrity days, you realize that she's beating me pretty soundly. It looks like it took her a little time to get her website up and going and now that it is, things are rather bleak.

* Whitney has had 27% more visits over the past thirty days.
* She has had 17 % more pageviews.
* I had 9% more pages viewed per visit.
* People spent an average of 19% more time on her site.
* She had 26% more unique visitors.

So...the past thirty days represent a trend that doesn't bode well for Our web development team here is considering several options...

1. Use our mob connections to make her an offer she can't refuse.

2. Fail to pay our electric bill so that the power gets cut and she can't turn on her computer.

3. Pretend to be an online stalker and make her uncomfortable posting on the website. Considering how these Guatamamas already stalk one another, I don't think this will really phase her.

4. "Borrow" everything that she has on her site and put it on mine. That way, there's no incentive for people who visit both sites to visit hers.

5. Pretend to be her and post rude comments on her blog friends sites.

6. Just congratulate her and concede defeat. the future, look forward to having everything on her website conveniently located here. Remember: all you blogging needs. And, while you're here, click on some links, go get some coffee while leaving your browser open, and be sure to stop by tomorrow.


Mom B said...

I always go to BOTH blogs. You might count how many pictures you each have on your blog...another data point of comparison. You seem to be keeping the family pics balanced by being heavy on the Hannah-Austin-Noah pics and she has more Ellie pics...another data point for comparison. (Just trying to egg you guys on a bit!)

Jackson said...

you are a sad little man daniel bennett.......

Mom B said...

You could also check the times...see who goes to your blog first, who goes to Whitney's blog first, of those who visit both blogs.....

Grammy said...

Children, children!
Competition can be good, if done in the correct manner.
I think this is one fun time.
We who read the blogs probably will get as much fun from it as you who are in the competition.
I read both blogs, but not necessarily in any order.