Thursday, April 5, 2007

Literary Analysis of "Rover Meets Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bob"

Rover is a tiny, imaginary dog that Hannah enjoys telling stories about. There are stories about Rover meeting various members of the family. Recently, she sat down and wrote a story about Rover meeting Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bob. This isn't bad for a five, almost six, year old. I'm leaving in the grammatical and spelling mistakes she made because I assume they were for artistic purposes...


The Bennett family and thier dog Rover were going to grandma jean and grandpa Bobs house. While Hannah rode the exercise bike she noticed Rover wasn't in her pockit. Rover was in a cabnit in the kitchin! When grandma jean Opened the cabnit she said aww and Rover Said Rroof! then grandpa Bob came in and said Whats all the noise? grandma jean said its this dog! and grandpa Bob said wheaww! and Rover said: Rrooof! Dad came in and said: whats all this noise? gramdma jean said: Its this dog. Daid said: Oh thats our dog and He gave it back to Hannah.

Ok, admittedly it's not Jane Austen. But this five-year old kid just sat down and wrote the story by herself. It has tension, surprises and she does some creative things to address punctuation she's unsure of. I also like the character development but the plot is admittedly far fetched. She didn't really have me believing that the dog found a way to get into the cabinet. However, those are small quibbles, really.

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Grammy said...

Dear Hannah,
What a wonderful story! You keep thinking and writing creatively, and who knows, you may become another Jane Austen, or even more famous than she. You could become that celebrated author, Hannah Gabrielle Bennett!
We love you, Hannah! (Kiss yourlittle brothers for us, will you?)
Grammy and Gramps